Monthly Parish Prayer Cycle

The Generous Giving Project is working with parishes across the Diocese to bring about a change in our attitudes to money and giving generously as Christians. Generosity should be an ongoing conversation between us and God; a personal response that will be different for each of us, as we all have different circumstances. This two-year project is helping individuals and parishes to explore what our own generous giving is, and could be. So we’re going right back to the roots of our faith and exploring God’s generosity towards us, how we experience it, and why He is so generous in the first place. Together we’re finding out how we as a church communicate the importance of generous giving to our members and the wider community, and asking if we could do it differently. This link takes you to the site where all the Generous Giving Project resources are kept which can be used as standalone articles/ info leaflets for lay people and clergy alike, sermon resources, Home Group themes or used for reflection in PCCs.

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