Baptism is a Sacrament in which we celebrate and welcome the new life of Christ for the baby, child or adult.  Through baptism we celebrate the union of the newly baptised person with Christ’s death and resurrection.  Through baptism we also become a member of the Church, God’s family. Baptism is totally free and all are welcome to receive it.
When is the baptism?
It's ideal for baptisms to be celebrated in the main Sunday service. This means that the regular congregation will be there to share and support the celebration and to welcome the candidate.  Making people members of the Church is part of what baptism is about so this is the ideal way to celebrate a baptism.

However, we also recognise that it is sometimes easier to have a separate baptism service, and so we offer a simple service at 12pm on some Sundays. The 12pm service is shorter service, without music or hymns.

How long does it take?
The 09.30am Eucharist lasts about an hour and the 12pm baptism service lasts about half an hour.
If you are interested in getting your child baptised or if you are interested in getting baptised yourself, we would be delighted to help make that happen.
Just come along and speak with one of the clergy after the service on Tuesday evening (from 6.30 - 7pm) or on Thursday morning (from 10 - 10.30am)
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