Welcome to St Mary and St Peter's Church in Sunderland

We can worship together again!!

We are delighted to be able to begin to worship together again, although there will be some restrictions to keep us all safe.  Please bring a face mask when you join us. 

Sunday Mass times: 9:30am 

Thursday Mass time: 9:30am 

Any changes in guidance will be posted here

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Unfortunately we know people may be struggling and need more help with food at these difficult times.  If you follow this link


It will lead you to a list of Foodbanks and opening times in Sunderland.  If you have any further queries, please be in touch and we'll help as much as we can.  

The Home of Anglican Worship in Thorney Close, Springwell and Plains Farm

St Mary and St Peter's is part of the Group of the Annunciation. The Anglican (Church of England) churches that cover most of south west Sunderland. This parish serves the areas of Springwell, Thorney Close, Humbledon and Plains farm. As part of the group of the Annunciation we work closely alongside with the parishes of St Chad and St Mary, St Thomas and St Oswald's.

Here at St Mary & St Peters we come together regularly for worship and special services. Those who attend St Mary and St Peter's find a warm welcome and soon find themselves involved in the life of this Christian Community. People are encouraged to develop and contribute their own gifts to enrich the life of the church as a whole.

Prayer Requests

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Worship at St Mary and St Peter's consists of coming together in fellowship, listening to and understanding the Word of God through scripture and sermon, spending time in quiet prayer for the Church, our world and our community, and celebrating the presence of God with us in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. 


Do come and join us at our principal act of worship, our Parish Eucharist on a Sunday at 09:30 am with a time for fellowship afterwards


We take our duty to keep everyone safe in our church very seriously. Please click here for more information and contact details.



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